Mobile trends + techniques

Demo App: (support both Android/iOS/Hybrid)

  • Will submit this app to the stores – easier for presentation, help client can install and try to use….
  • Should have a Content Team to build the content data about NashTech capabilities, activities (We will request company support us)
  • Should have Design Team to build cool UI for us (We will request company support us)


  • Build UI sample:
    • Use social network register/login (should request permission for team and for client when they visit)
    • Navigation behavior
    • Sliding menu (contain all features menu at here)
    • Setting pages
    • List view: swipe item left/right to show item menu, swipe actions
    • Popup : confirm popup, selection option popup, warning popup,….
    • Database sample: create data and save to dB then load to a list (done, should build the real content to make sense)
    • SSL & OAuth 2 authentication sample (done – should be integrate to demo app)
    • Push Notifications
    • Camera action
    • QR code action
    • Chat feature (optional)
    • API to get traveller App data  (reuse exiting source)
    • DateTime converter (reuse exiting source)
    • Animation examples (flying, transparent, scale, transittion,….)
    • Build analytics pages to show the installed user, user activities,…
    • Build questionnaire structure to show that we can build the dynamic pages,..
    • Like/share app to social network…
    • Chart samples
  • Build Bluetooth sample (should purchase some fitness devices such as Xiaomi band, Apple watch, samsung watch, Google fit.. and sync data with them
  • Material design for UI
  • Big data visualization
  • Ad Targeting (showing ads for a specific target group which selected by user)
  • Deep Linking
  • Location based service

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