April 27(sat) ONE DAY with Korea WWOOF. Truly,

April 27(sat) ONE DAY with Korea WWOOF.

Truly, we haven’t known about WWOOF until we read this program’s notification on KINSA website. As we found it sounds interesting, we decided to register for joining WWOOF on April 27, 2013, and I think that it was our smart decision. We really had a good time experiencing farming work, local food, as well as making friendship with WWOOFers and international participants.

It was a shiny Saturday, and we took a long way from our place to arrive appointment place with the farm host.


Our first impression is that the host and the supporter are friendly as well as could use English quite fluently. We took around 10 minutes to go to the farm by host’s car. Our host, Mr.Byung su, is the owner of this farm. At here, after changed our clothes and listened carefully to Mr.Byung su’s instructions, we get started to work. From that time, we could really understand the WWOOF’s logo: “Get your hands dirty!”…

Our first work is to collect chicken’s eggs. Wow, that is the first time we could see such many of chickens. Very carefully, we took up eggs one by one and don’t forget to say thank you to the chickens. Some stubborn chicks tried to fly out of their coops, but we put them in again successfully ^^.


Next, we separated into 2 teams; men went to the grape farm to do the farming work such as cropping and weeding, while woman come to strawberry farm to pick up strawberries there. Strawberry cropping is seasonal, and has quite narrow pathways to walk through. Some of these yummy strawberries later we could enjoy as dessert for our lunch. ^^



That is what we do before lunch time; and we all think that taking slow food is also important as much as working hard. The host always offers really healthy and delicious food; you’ll definitely love it if you have the chance to try. Today’s menu is a kind of traditional soup and rice wine. The taste of soup may be strange to some foreigners, but it is delicious in general.








In the lunch, we had many interesting talks with the host and his family. He introduce about his farm, the cropping season, as well as the coming up next festivals. They also give us nice WWOOF T-shirts as a souvenir.

After the lunch, we took a short break and get back to work. What we have to do is delivering a stack of fertilizer to each chicken’s coops. It may quite hard to female friends and they felt a little bit of tired.

Also, this work is time-taking because we have to move wooden stack of fertilizer one by one to put them in the coops. However, we were all happy when thinking that chickens will be satisfied with their new fertilizer Our clothes damped with sweat, our hands were dirty, but we were all happy when thinking that we working for the nature. Moreover, we had the chance to talk to each other when we worked, and it was really interesting. Because we’re all international students or workers in Korea, we share our life experience excitedly.


We also weeding the grape farm again, as well as remove stones in the farm for around 1 hour. Then, when every work is done, we prepare our stuff and say good bye to the host and supporter. Our kindly host, Mr.Byung su, and his wife didn’t forget to give each of us a box of eggs as gift. ^^ We came back home with a lot of sweet memories…

Now, if my friends or anyone ask me what WWOOF program is about, I will sum it up in 2 words – sharing & appreciation. We learn how to appreciate the nature gift to human beings – animals and plants. Despite of different language of culture, we happily sharing, working together and “let’s our hand dirty” for the nature and a better life…

                                                                                                                             Duc Tran

From Vietnam.